Party and celebration

We arrange weddings, christenings, student celebrations, birthday parties, Mother’s Day and other occasions. Here in our big dining-room, all furnished in wood with both open fire and a Whichery tree extending from floor to ceiling, can be reserved for different festivities and events. In these surroundings where a 150 people can be seated to enjoy the spectacular view on the undulating countryside and choose from a menu filled with local produced food inspired by the forest, the countryside and the mountains. Also good drinks are available.  To celebrate your function in Persåsen please contacts us.

The guests can stay overnight in our hotel or holiday cottage if so requires.

We also have possibilities to arrange entertainment and activities.

Birthday dinner – King and Queen for a day

In the restaurant is our royal throne which was consecrated by the king himself. From the beginning the throne was hanging down from the ceiling and was only taken down at certain occasions. Nowadays it is safely on the floor with a throne for the queen as company. Let the celebrated or honoured be King or Queen for a day.


Comfortable living, good food and your own wedding room, in Persåsen everything is gathered together to make your wedding day very special. In our wedding suite we have an egg shaped four-poster bed, a shape that symbolizes vitality and new possibilities. The bed is supported by 2 cockerels from Persåsen which are keeping a guarding eye over you.
Relax in our Jacuzzi or start a fire in the open fire place, which is carefully made of stone transported down from Oviken Mountains. The rooms’ interior is mainly in wood, with a cozy and comfortable feeling. The panorama window gives a beautiful view over the district round the lake Storsjön.





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Adress: Persåsen 336, 845 72 Oviken
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