Story telling time

Relax by the light of the fire and listen when we tell our tales about our creations, which start from the felling and cutting to the making of the intricate handicraft.   In our wood workshop there is a gallery with seating from where you can follow the process when Leif is turning his famous eggs.  The eggs which are made from anything up to 100 pieces of wood are joined together with knowledge, precision and technique.

You can also listen to exciting stories about the geniuses from the area that have developed different inventions such as the propeller, the foldable weaving loom and the one-man helicopter. These creative and ingenious inventors who were the inhabitants in this locality and because of their achievements this area was given the nickname “Snilleriket” .

The story telling time can be pre-booked and arranged in conjunction with group tours and conferences, pre-bookings are possible all year round.


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