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With us you stay in a scenic and good geographic location for daily excursions round the beautiful Storsjön area and the Oviken Mountains.

Round the corner from us the pasture road starts, a winding gravel road towards Börtnan and is bordered with pastures. Some of them are still alive and stay open during the summer months. On Persåsen’s own culture road you can learn more about “Snilleriket” (country of genius) and the many inventors that have lived and been active in this area.

Persåsen is also the gate to the Oviken Mountains, where you in wintertime can go skiing and in summertime take walks close to nature. Otherwise take an excursion to the Hoverberg cave, the country’s biggest wedge cave.

You will find out more about the area and our facility if you come to our daily story telling time, which takes place during the summer months.

Please read more about our kitchen and restaurant under the tab Persåsen’s restaurant. The restaurant can be booked for parties and celebrations.

Please note that the restaurant have seasonality based opening hours.
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Adress: Persåsen 336, 845 72 Oviken
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