Here you may find examples of activities that can be arranged for groups. An informal and relaxing environment for developing as a group. Our activities emphasize the inner creativity and collaborative ability of individuals as well as groups.

We also customize activities and team building at your request.

Creative activity – cutting board

Experience the passion for wood and feel the stimulation in creating something with your own hands! All participants will be given a piece of wood and be tasked to make a cutting board. Under professional guidance and after a few hours you will have created your very own handicraft.  The hard part is to convince people at home that you really have done the  handicraft all by yourself.

Season; All year round Group: 2-25 persons Time; from 2, 5 hrs





Team activity in the workshop

Come as a group, run as a team! Teambuilding, personality development, leadership kicks off in this environment. Each group is given a theme and with that theme a handicraft is created. This can be a vision for the future or an idea how the group will function and work together.  In the evening you can talk and analyse as to what happened in the group during this activity, all in the comfortable and pleasant surroundings in front of the log fire.

Season: All year round Group: from 6 persons Time: 2 hrs.





Theme activity 2

To the forest with the conference, that’s how it gets successful. To be able to be outdoors for a few hours in the afternoon is a good way the keep the participants engaged. In some of our nice mountain pastures you solve tricky tasks in groups. Afterwards you can relax with Gluewine and something nice to nibble.

Season; All year round
Group; from 6 persons
Time; from 2 hours





Toboggan Olympics – Snow Olympics

All can become a child again!! In Persåsen a lift takes you up 600 meters to a specially designed illuminated toboggan run. After information from an instructor you get a helmet, kneepads and a sleigh, then you are off in the lift 400 meters higher to ride a snake track which has been prepared by a piste machine. The ride consists of strongly dosed bends which make the ride feel like a go-cart ride.  The activity suits both young and old. If requested a corporate championship can be arranged.

Season: Jan–Feb    From; 6 persons    Time; 2 hours




Torchlight procession to mountain pasture

During the dark time of the year a torchlight procession to “Åsbuan” is a very strong experience. The peace and tranquility is mixed with mysticism and reminding you of the history. In the warmth and crackle from the fire we have a story telling time about life in the mountain pasture, fairies and gnomes whom in folklore 200 years ago were the reason for the mountain pasture to move.

Season; Dec–Apr    Group; from 6 people
Time; from 2 hours





Feasts in the mountain pasture

 In the genuine mountain pasture “Svedjebodarna” we lay a long table with the forest as the theme.  The menu can include pickled spruce shoots, bark bread, elk, reindeer, fish and other goodies from the forests larder. You can be part of composing your feast.

Season; May–Oct    Group; from 10 people
Time; from 3, hours





The forest duel – 3/5 combat

Join us in a variety of physical activities where you can choose disciplines such as clay pigeon shooting, axe throwing, blowpipe, lasso throwing.  If you wish all this can be combined with a mountain pasture lunch.

Season; May–Oct    Group; from 8 people
Time, from 2 hours





Scooter adventure in mountain pasture

A nice drive to some of the 40 mountain pastures located in Sweden’s most dense pasture area located just west of Persåsen. Here in the lovely “Åsbuan” we stay for coffee, “forbonde” sausage and a cone shaped flatbread sandwich. In the springtime, the 5th season in Persåsen, we may be lucky to see some bear tracks.

Season; Dec–Apr    Group; 4 people    Time; 2 hours





Food and Drink as activity

Who said you must not play with the food? Let our kitchen and serving staff guide you through activities concerning food and drink;
- The Chef duel
- The Wine tasting
- The Whiskey tasting
- The cheese tasting with locally produced cheeses

Season; All year round    Group; Min.6 people
Time; from 1 hour




Story telling time

Relax in front of the fire and listen to when we tell you about our creations. In our workshop there is a gallery with seating from where you can follow the process and see when Leif turn his famous eggs.

You can also listen to exciting stories about the geniuses from the area that has developed the propeller, the foldable weaving loom and the one man helicopter.

 Prearrangements are available all year round. 



Please, contact us for more information about activities and suggestions for your conference! Phone: +46(0)643-445550.


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