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Wikners’ in Persåsen is a family run business which has been established for 45 years.

At the outset Leif and Margith Wikner had the idea to start carpentry somewhere in Jämtland. They found the ideal place here in Persåsen a small village with beautiful surroundings such as the view over the Lake Storsjön and Hoverberg Mountain and Oviken Mountain range is visible behind the forest. They bought the old school for training foresters and gradually built up the business adding a carpentry, holiday cottages, hotel, conference facilities and restaurant.

The business became, exactly like the cockerel, the show off in the area, the symbol for Wikners in Persåsen. The cockerel symbolizes both security and cockiness. A second symbol for the business is the egg, which represent vitality, possibilities and creativity.

Handmade cockerels and eggs in wood are strategically placed all around Persåsen. The 2 proud cockerels watching from the roof of the inn are probably the easiest to notice, but the cockerels piercing eyes and the smooth shape of the egg is a recurring theme. The symbols were created by Leif Wikner, he is also a creator, designer and producer of blue wood lamps, furniture and handicraft objects.  Leif and Margith have been active for over 45 years in Persåsen and they more or less continue to be there on a daily basis.

The handicraft and the passion for wood have been passed down to the 4 sons Mattias, David, Joakim and Mårten. Today the business is run by Mattias and David, but the rest of the family is always there in the background. David is usually found in the workshop, where he designs and manufactures the orders for the furniture. In the showroom, one can see David’s masterpiece, a BMW 325i which is decorated and accessorized in precious wood.  On the wheel rims are small rotating Persåsen cockerels and in the boot is a stereo system, all in wood.

Mattias main responsibility is the daily running of the business. He spends approximately half of his time in front of the carpenters’ bench where new Persåsen cockerels, light fittings and other interior designs will see the light of day. Together with David he also designs furniture and interior fittings and in certain instances they go to locations for building and fitting of their product.

The business concept believes in its own sustainability uniquely relying on the forest which is round the corner from our carpentry providing wood for the making of new furniture. Products for our restaurant come from Jämtlands’ farming landscape, forests and lakes.  In Persåsen in then main everything is local and of high quality, furniture that is strong and long lasting and food to give you a memorable experience.


A warm welcome to Persåsen!
The Wikner family and staff



Tel: 0643-44 55 50
Manager on duty: 070-879 17 74
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Adress: Persåsen 336, 845 72 Oviken
GPS: GPS: N62.905099°, E14.309864° RT90: 6978443 , 1423804

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