How to get here!

From Östersund – Via the scenic tourist route over Vallsund- and Sannsund Bridges is only 50 km. Red indication on the map.

From Trondheim – 240 km via Åre ( after Mattmar take the exit towards Mora  road 321).

From Sundsvall - 220 km via Brunflo and Sannsund bridge.

From Sollefteå – 210 km via Östersund and the new tourist route “The road along Storsjön” Red indication on the map.

From the south – Road 45 from Sveg, in Svenstavik take road 321 towards Åre.  After approx.. 20 km follow the turnoff sign towards Persåsen.

From Stockholm - By air from Arlanda to Persåsen takes approximately 2hours.  By car the best route is via Ljusdal, Sveg and Svenstavik. See above.

Flights to Persåsen!
By air you can easily get from Åre-Östersund airport on Frösön. There are different alternatives for transfer like car hire, air taxi and helicopter. If you need help arranging transfer please contact us.

GPS: GPS: N62.905099°, E14.309864°
RT90: 6978443 , 1423804


Tel: 0643-44 55 50
Manager on duty: 070-879 17 74
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Adress: Persåsen 336, 845 72 Oviken
GPS: GPS: N62.905099°, E14.309864° RT90: 6978443 , 1423804

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