The egg and the cockerel

The egg and cockerel are the business symbols/icons, designed by Leif Wikner, which are made by hand in the workshop. All the eggs are turned by Leif, and don’t miss his new book where he tells you all about it. The book is written in Swedish. The whole book has been translated into English. In addition certain parts have German translation and Chinese translation! “Eggs from trees” is the title of the book. The book is being released during the Book Fair in Gothenburg this autumn. A DVD comes with the book and that too is in Swedish and English.

If you would like to buy Leif’s new book, please send a mail to The  DVD and the book will be sent to you all for the price of SEK 295 plus possible delivery charge.

The proud cockerel has its origin in the clock tower, guarding people in the area. But once on the ground the cockerel changes, from being a symbol for safety he gets cocky and cheeky. It symbolizes that Persåsen is a safe and cozy place, where you can expect the unexpected…..

The egg symbolizes the unborn, the innovation and the vitality. Our handmade eggs are sometimes joined together with as many as 100 pieces of wood, which are wedged together to create different patterns. The egg is available in different designs, woods and sizes. To create an egg requires precision, material, knowledge, equipment and patience. All of this we have in Persåsen.


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