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We make furniture to order using many different woods including sallow, larch, aspen, blue pine, beech, birch, pine and spruce.  Each tree has its own unique yearly rings, twig marks, different bruises, shape and varying levels of hardness. In Persåsen we enhance the trees different and unique qualities.  Sometimes we take home wood after a storm has demolished some trees, other times we fell the trees ourselves and transport the tree to our workshop

We will help you to choose a suitable sort of wood and then you tell us how you want your furniture or interior to look like. We draw and design. Everything is then manufactured in our workshop where we cut, dry, turn and glue. The furniture is created by eye and hand, fantasy and creativity. The nature and the technique are our co-creators and we discover constantly new possibilities with the material.

As a client you have the possibility to follow the whole process, from the felling of the tree to the complete product. The result becomes individual and tailor-made furniture that is long-lasting, hand-made and signed.

In our furniture showroom you can see various examples of furniture made with alternative choices of material and different techniques. Here you can see the blue wood lamp, the Viking bed and panels in a selection of designs.  Or visit our handicraft exhibition and get inspired by the woods unlimited possibilities.

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Here you can read the history of furniture creation in Persåsen.

In the forest

Often we know the history of the tree as we almost always have followed it from where it started to grow. Maybe a” gårdstall” a tree planted for a special reason or a tree you have nurtured.  We get to know the tree from where it is growing, sometimes to get its’ history, sometimes to dissect it in the correct way before the processing.

Cutting oversized trees

When we cut oversized trees we use the saw which has been designed by the Wikner Brothers. Its’ design allows us to use it on the forest gold and cut the oversized trees, to cut in the Persåsen way. The alternative to the pompous oversized trees is to become wood chips or newsprint pulp. Instead the old-growth pine ends up in a place of honour in your home.

Strip the bark from the tree using water

The biggest challenge is to prevent any damage occurring to the tree when removing the bark. We always try to maintain the woods natural shape, something that give the furniture from Persåsen a special character and allows nature to speak through the material. A condition to achieve the smooth surfaces which characterize our products is this bark stripping. Here only water is good enough.

Vacuum drying

The most difficult element is the drying. We vacuum dry combined with heat. A time consuming pedantic method, but in this way we avoid cracks in the wood.

The craftsmanship and the passion

Now the craftsmanship begins, with passion, the eye, the sense, the hand and the timing of the technique. Each product is unique, often tailor-made to fit exactly in shape and dimension, the nature, the art and the craftsmanship all in harmony.



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